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Jacobs Journeys, May 2011

Posted: 27th May 2011 by Caryn in Posts by Caryn

Hello again, treasured friends. For a change I’m writing from the same continent as the last Jacobs Journeys update. Yep, still in Boston. The Trent Version Enjoyed time with UK friends who visited in March. Trent worked while I explored Boston with our friends like a genuine tourist. And then he joined us for the […]

My Lent Dilemma

Posted: 29th March 2011 by Caryn in Posts by Caryn

People with dirty smudges on their foreheads suddenly emerged in public on 9 March here in the US. Apparently the smudges were ash crosses, and Lent had begun. Lent was a foreign concept to me growing up. I don’t remember mention of it at my churches in South Africa, nor would I have been able […]

Jacobs Journeys March 2011

Posted: 3rd March 2011 by Caryn in Posts by Caryn

Well I’m writing to you from…. Boston, Massachusetts! Yay, we finally got here! An unbelievable amount has happened in the last 3 months, so it’s a challenge not to turn this into a book. If you’re up for it, here goes. The Trent Version We have a new (fourth) nephew as of 22 February! Spent […]

Jacobs Journeys

Posted: 9th December 2010 by Caryn in Posts by Caryn

Well here I am, writing to you from…… Australia once again. Nope, we’re not in the US. Yet. Read on for more detail. SHORT VERSION Fun road trip to Sydney (900km south of Brisbane) and back, camping along the way at coastal towns, catching the vibe. Have had 2 days unexpectedly exploring the coastal towns […]

Settling in Oz

Posted: 30th September 2010 by Caryn in Posts by Caryn

Pics coming soon… Hi lovely friends! Here’s your next Jacobs Journeys update Short version Trent misses having a guitar (still to be shipped) 4×4 and beach camping experience fantastic Joined a gym Trent missing guitar Apple TV is the purchase of the month – a moment Trent has been preparing for, for many months Washington […]