Hi. My name is Trent and I’m a real person.

Posted: 17th February 2011 by Trent in Posts by Trent

I was walking out the door this morning and said cheers to Caryn, and threw out one of those “I’m going to the shops, if you want anything give me a call. Or get me on Skype, or email, or…” and then I realised something. My virtual life has gotten out of hand.

Want to contact me? Well, you could phone me. Or you could text me. You could also Skype me (3 Skype accounts so far), or email me using any of my 5 email addresses. You could Viber me, or Whatsapp me, or you could facebook me. Or tweet (if I’m following you). Or use my blog to contact me. Or you could use Office Communicator. Or use MSN. Oh, and LinkedIn works too.

Argh!!! Enough… Lets turn all our devices off and go outside!