OK so it’s been a couple of weeks now and we’re starting to get used to living in the States. Here are some of the Americanisms we’re having to get used to:

  1. Over-filled toilets. They fill their toilets to the brim. You’re scared to use it in case it overflows. I get stage fright because I keep thinking there’s a lifeguard out there somewhere.
  2. There are no ground floors. I think they figured out that they can say they live on the 4th floor where in the UK people would have to say they live on the 3rd floor. This makes the building sound bigger. Who knows. But there’s no ground floor.
  3. Haffenaff is apparently what they use in coffee. We figured out that it’s actually ‘half & half’ and it’s half milk, half cream.
  4. Apparently you can use small animals to predict when spring starts [And there was me thinking that groundhog day was an ever-repeating day. That’s what movies do to you…]
  5. You can say you’re from anywhere in the world and people believe you. The following conversations all happened:

Conversation 1:
Me: "We are from England"
USA Person: "Yeah, I can tell from your accent"

Conversation 2:
Me: "We are from Australia"
USA Person: "Yeah, I can tell from your accent"

Conversation 3:
Me: "We are from South Africa"
USA Person: "Yeah, I can tell from your accent"

Conversation 4:
Me: "We are from Iraq"
USA Person: "Quick! Search him for weapons of mass destruction!!"

OK, maybe the last one didn’t happen. But the rest did.

Anyway, today is the last day in a hotel for us and we move into our new house with our new car. (On a side note, imagine driving an unfamiliar car in the middle of a snow storm on roads that are pure ice so you can’t even see the lanes and you’re on the wrong side of the road. It’s rubbish.)

Overall we’re having a great time, it’s cold (maximum temperature on the weekend was -12 degrees) and bring on the ski slopes!

Our cool 50’s retro car:

IMG_0396 IMG_0392

Our new house: