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Go through the words below and speak out the colour of the word, not what the word says. You’ll never get to the end without making a mistake…


Hi. My name is Trent and I’m a real person.

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I was walking out the door this morning and said cheers to Caryn, and threw out one of those “I’m going to the shops, if you want anything give me a call. Or get me on Skype, or email, or…” and then I realised something. My virtual life has gotten out of hand.

Want to contact me? Well, you could phone me. Or you could text me. You could also Skype me (3 Skype accounts so far), or email me using any of my 5 email addresses. You could Viber me, or Whatsapp me, or you could facebook me. Or tweet (if I’m following you). Or use my blog to contact me. Or you could use Office Communicator. Or use MSN. Oh, and LinkedIn works too.

Argh!!! Enough… Lets turn all our devices off and go outside!

OK so it’s been a couple of weeks now and we’re starting to get used to living in the States. Here are some of the Americanisms we’re having to get used to:

  1. Over-filled toilets. They fill their toilets to the brim. You’re scared to use it in case it overflows. I get stage fright because I keep thinking there’s a lifeguard out there somewhere.
  2. There are no ground floors. I think they figured out that they can say they live on the 4th floor where in the UK people would have to say they live on the 3rd floor. This makes the building sound bigger. Who knows. But there’s no ground floor.
  3. Haffenaff is apparently what they use in coffee. We figured out that it’s actually ‘half & half’ and it’s half milk, half cream.
  4. Apparently you can use small animals to predict when spring starts [And there was me thinking that groundhog day was an ever-repeating day. That’s what movies do to you…]
  5. You can say you’re from anywhere in the world and people believe you. The following conversations all happened:

Conversation 1:
Me: "We are from England"
USA Person: "Yeah, I can tell from your accent"

Conversation 2:
Me: "We are from Australia"
USA Person: "Yeah, I can tell from your accent"

Conversation 3:
Me: "We are from South Africa"
USA Person: "Yeah, I can tell from your accent"

Conversation 4:
Me: "We are from Iraq"
USA Person: "Quick! Search him for weapons of mass destruction!!"

OK, maybe the last one didn’t happen. But the rest did.

Anyway, today is the last day in a hotel for us and we move into our new house with our new car. (On a side note, imagine driving an unfamiliar car in the middle of a snow storm on roads that are pure ice so you can’t even see the lanes and you’re on the wrong side of the road. It’s rubbish.)

Overall we’re having a great time, it’s cold (maximum temperature on the weekend was -12 degrees) and bring on the ski slopes!

Our cool 50’s retro car:

IMG_0396 IMG_0392

Our new house:


Cycling in Cape Town

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Pics coming soon…

I (Trent) got to borrow bikes in Cape Town where Noel punished my legs completely with 2 awesome single track rides through Tokai Forest and then a road trip to Hout Bay and the surrounding areas. Here’s a link to the Tokai ride (Tokai Ride) and here’s a link to the road trip (Chapmans )

In the mean time, just give peace a chance…

Jacobs Journeys

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Well here I am, writing to you from……

Australia once again.

Nope, we’re not in the US. Yet. Read on for more detail.


  • Fun road trip to Sydney (900km south of Brisbane) and back, camping along the way at coastal towns, catching the vibe.
  • Have had 2 days unexpectedly exploring the coastal towns of Noosa and Caloundra in the opposite direction (north of Brisbane), one with my brother and partner who visited.
  • Trent’s now working full time from home
  • I have continued to fill my time with volunteer work at the Mercy Centre, sewing projects, party planning, baking and other creative things.
  • Next on the agenda is visit to South Africa for Christmas – woohoo!
  • Our US visa came through last week so we’re off in Jan 2011. Destination has changed from Washington DC to Boston.
  • Happy Christmas!! In celebration of a God who is good!


The Anticipation of Destination

Aaaargh! Our patience was stretched by all this waiting, waiting, waiting! We thought we’d have been long gone by now, but apparently more paperwork was needed for the business visa for Trent. But finally, the visa was approved last week – Hooray! Just a quick overnight trip to the US Embassy in Sydney now to get our passports stamped, and then we’re off in January 2011. It’s good to finally be able to plan our lives.

In the interim, we’re looking forward to visiting South Africa for Christmas. We’re leaving this Saturday (11th Dec) and very excited about galavanting around our favourite spots with our favourite people in Cape Town. Then on to Joburg where we’ll get to see my family and my gorgeous nephew again. My parents have also planned a trip out into the South African bush over New Year which we’re really looking forward to.

Then back to Australia for Dad Jacobs’ 60th, and then off to the US. Counting each leg of each journey that’s a total of 10 flights in just over a month! At least I have my comfy travel pillow!

The Luxury of Time

We can’t really complain too much. Despite feeling suspended in time, we have simultaneously had the luxury of time.

In October we had the privilege of taking a road trip down to Sydney and back. We’ve decided to get into the camping thing here, as you do. Bought a tent and other basic gear, and had a practice run in the back yard for one night. With marriage still intact after that, we set off on our first ever independent camping trip. Friends we stayed with in Sydney took us for a bit of sightseeing. The harbour bridge and opera house are still there, in case you’re wondering. Ticked off Sydney as a brilliant place to visit, but not our kind of place to live in, just as London wasn’t our preference in the UK.

Then we embarked on our coastal itinerary. Some of our camping spirit was thwarted by heavy rain (we did leave the UK, right??), so we cheated and stayed in brick and mortar accommodation for one or two nights. And by the time we got to the last town, we decided it really wasn’t worth the effort to set up the tent for one night only, so we chose to drive on instead. Okay, so we only camped 3 nights out of 10 on our ‘camping trip’, but hey – they were  the real deal!

Highlights included:

  • Trent receiving a significant deposit on his head from a rude Sydney seagull, which a nearby group of teens found rather entertaining.
  • A cycle along coast, river and swamp in the tranquil town of Port Macquarie
  • Lounging on FLYNN’s Beach (my maiden name is Flynn, so please understand my excitement) and camping at FLYNN’s Beach Caravan Park
  • Admiring incredibly tall, knotted rainforest trees in Dorrigo National Park whilst avoiding contact with Stinging Trees, and watching a leech tenaciously attach to my shoe
  • Watching lifeguard drills (complete with red caps and colourful knee board/ surf board things) on a beach in Coffs Harbour
  • Eating organic frozen banana ice-cream within the labyrinth of a hippie-heaven market in Byron Bay

The Joy of People

There’s nothing like being new to a place to make you appreciate the treasure of old friends. We’ve started to feel that reality now. I had a great opportunity to go on a women’s weekend away with the church here, and despite being surrounded by a lovely group of women it was a stark reminder that the process of building friendships is beginning all over again. Building a history with people takes time but the foundations of friendship are being laid slowly but surely.

For this reason we’ve really enjoyed family contact. We enjoyed meeting up with my brother and his partner, Liz, on their holiday here from the UK. Spent a wonderful day with them, discovering the gems of Noosa up on the Sunshine Coast.

Mom & Dad Jacobs have returned home from Weipa now, so we’ve finally been able to spend time with them and not just live in their house and drive their car!

The Concept of Work

Trent has continued to work remotely for his UK employer, and his hours have now increased to full time for the moment. My registration to practice as an OT has been conditionally accepted now, but with the anticipation of leaving I will not be starting any work until we return for the long term. In the US Trent will hit the ground running. I’m still debating about what work I’ll do…

The Miracle of Christmas

Finally, a VERY BLESSED Christmas to you! May the unnatural, upside-down and unending love that Jesus brought into world, invade your world during these happy celebrations. And may your eyes repeatedly be opened to His present-ness with you in the good and the bad times of 2011.

Much love and blessing,

Trent and Caryn